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May these stories give you hope and understanding that you are not alone. May they provide guidance you seek, help avoid decisions you may regret as well as provide direction in the abyss lead by the mothers who have walked this painful path.

You can't change what you don't know.




We never think that OUR CHILD will be labeled an "addict". From the moment of their birth we taught them love, compassion, sharing, hope, manners, patience and so many more qualities to live by only wanting them to flourish as an even better version of ourselves. When we hear that our child has been using drugs, our minds seem to immediately compare to our own youth when drinking or maybe even smoking marijuana was a thing. Unfortunately, this is the furthest comparison from the reality of what's ahead. However since we didn't know..we didn't know. We did the best we could. 

The Not In Vain book series is dedicated to sharing the real-life accounts from grieving mothers through their initial discovery of their child's addiction, to the devastating end of the journey. We will share what we learned, the emotional ups and downs, "enabling" to "tough love", the affect within ourselves and our family, as well as what we wished we would have known or even done differently. Now it's a calling to help others.

We believe that these real-life stories will not only further awareness, but also in some way help provide comfort and navigation that those struggling are not alone. By sharing our stories, others will see many of the same struggles and situations we lived as well as resources we have found along our way. This is not a "club" we would ever wish to invite others to. Here is our opportunity to share our painful experiences to help those on the same path that we were once on. Here is where we can each contribute even a little guidance for others.

From an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication, the Not In Vain books intend to help families as well as those close to friends, relatives or coworkers who are currently struggling with drug addiction. 

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Madison Victoria Cross

Work on this book is being dedicated in loving memory of Bobbie's daughter, Madison. Although her story can not be told, she knows her daughter would want to provide a place for others to tell theirs.

12/27/94 - 10/10/17

Forever 22


Honoring all the families, their babies and the stories that MUST be told. 

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